SafeZone offers an array of services to fulfill your safety needs. We can provide everything from our state of the art safe welding enclosures, to on-site personnel that can fulfill the roles of safety technicians, confined space rescue crews, fire watch, and clerks. We can also provide regulatory and customized training programs for your employees.

Pressurized Welding Enclosures

SafeZone has developed a patented pressurized welding enclosure using state of the art programmable logic control technology that ensures a safe welding process. This safety system is based on a failsafe designed system that will shut down all desired equipment based on programmed parameters. Our patented process meets and exceeds all guidelines that BSEE has developed in order to ensure a safe welding atmosphere while hot work is being performed in classified production areas.  Click below to view BSEE Requirements for Pressurized Welding Enclosures learn morewatch video

Safety Personel & Equipment

SafeZone’s mission is to add value and make a difference in the HSE success of your projects. With the extremely educated and experienced safety technicians on staff, we strive to assist in the delivery of zero harm. Our safety technicians are trained to develop a professional working relationship with the designated person in charge and maintain communications with them in order to build a successful partnership that meets and exceeds the expectations and requirements of the client. By providing oversight utilizing company specific safe work practices and processes, the safety technician will play a major role in limiting exposure to potential incidents.

Training & Consulting

rgba(255,210,0,0.74)SafeZone has highly skilled instrumentation engineers that are able to build you a customized safety system that will meet your specific needs. Our technicians can utilize a PLC driven gas detection system that has automated shutdown capabilities and alarm systems. We have designed a gas monitoring and control system that can offer an innovative approach to the safe operation of well service equipment as well as other equipment items posing potential HSE hazards while in operation. Please contact us for any additional information on pricing, instructor availability, lodging, international and offshore training, etc
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