Safety and Training Consultants, LLC

Safety and Training Consultants, LLC was established in 1993 providing training and consulting in the safety field to the oil and gas industry. Originally started in Houma, LA, Safety and Training Consultants, LLC currently has offices in Houma and Broussard, Louisiana. We continue to provide quality training that leaves each student competent and knowledgeable of course material upon completion.

Other than providing both calendar and on-site classes, Safety and Training Consultants, LLC also offers safety consulting to assist clients with many different avenues of health, safety, and environmental issues. We are fortunate to have a great team of consultants with many years of experience that strive to stay abreast of new regulations as well as operator driven requirements.


SafeZone Safety Systems, LLC

SafeZone Safety Systems, LLC was established in 2004 expanding on the services rendered by Safety and Training Consultants, LLC. From its beginning, SafeZone Safety Systems, LLC has offered a unique system that allows hot work to be done within classified production and process areas, known as a pressurized welding enclosure.

Our patented safe welding enclosure uses state of the art programmable logic control technology to create a failsafe system that will shut down all desired equipment based on programmed parameters. We have since, developed our services to include contract personnel that serve as on-site safety technicians, fire watch, confined space rescue crews, and clerical support.

Furthermore, we also have safety equipment such as atmospheric monitors, SCBA’s, Fire extinguishers, fall protection equipment, confined space equipment, and radios that are available for rental or purchase.



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