SafeZone has a wide variety of safety equipment and supplies that are available for rent or purchase depending on your needs.  We are equipped to provide a variety of equipment for your company turnarounds, and send technicians that are able to calibrate, inspect, and service equipment on site. Our technicians can also wire portable gas detection systems for specific air monitoring with alarms and shut down capabilities.
We service and inspect all our equipment monthly and again upon return from a rental. Our rental inventory consists of the following types of safety equipment:
• Respiratory Protection: breathing air units such as 30 min SCBA’s, 5 min escape packs, and cascade systems
• Gas Detection: portable gas detectors (single, three, & four gas) with or without pump, NORM meters, gas detection systems and alarms.
• Fire Extinguishers
• Fall Protection: beam clamps, self retracting lanyards, and harnesses
• Confined Space Rescue: tripod rescue system, anchors, carabiners, hooks, carry bags, and rope
• Intrinsically Safe Radios
• Explosion proof lighting and ventilation
Please contact us at (985) 876-4895 for more information or for pricing.



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